About Dan Mayhew

Dan is a husband, father, teacher and writer with enough ideas in different areas to warrant an online  crossroads where they can all intersect.  You can scroll down to explore some of the things he’s up to. 

Dan is a former high school teacher. He holds a degree in communication and theater from Portland State University, and a MAT from Lewis and Clark College. After several years as a teacher, he served as associate pastor of a congregation of about 1200 in Portland, Oregon. In 1990, Dan began a community of home-based churches called The Summit Fellowships where he serves as a church planter, teacher and encourager.  In addition, he assists International Renewal Ministries by facilitating Pastor’s Prayer Summits throughout the Northwest and across the country in an effort to bring pastors of all denominations and traditions together for prayer. Dan has facilitated workshops related to house churches, and is requested as a speaker. He encourages Christians to reevaluate traditional methodology and structures in response to what he sees as the changing world of the American church. Dan is also a published writer. His work is available at www.twoworldsmedia.com.

The Mayhews have been married for 51 years. They have three adult children, a son, two daughters and seven grandchildren. They live in Brush Prairie, Washington.

Between Two Worlds

‘tween2worlds.us is Dan & Jody’s ministry blog. Here you can find audio from various teaching opportunities, especially Jody’s weekly Bible study podcast. Also, there are links to class notes and other resources that the Mayhews recommend to their classes. Finally, you can learn the details of the Mayhew’s ministry and schedule.

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House Churches

The Summit Fellowships are the community of home-based churches of which Dan is a part. The fellowships are located in the metro area around Portland, Oregon. Summithome.org is the home of the Church of the Heart Podcast  and includes resources for simple churches in the Summit network and beyond. Learn more.

Two Worlds Media

Two Worlds Media hosts three publishing imprints, Two Worlds Press, Crosswater Books, and Max Features (Dan’s humor writing). In addition to books by the Mayhews, there are titles by other writers. Content includes Christian non-fiction, memoir, devotional reading, biblical studies, poetry and young adult fiction. Drop by and “Read Between the Worlds,” which is the name of the podcast that is sponsored by Two Worlds Media. Dan acts as host.

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Word Carving

Socrates said,

“the unexamined life is not worth living.”

I am not sure he is correct. What I do know, however, is that during a lifetime every human being accumulates experience — boxes in the mind filled with people and places and things that happened. These are thoughts waiting for the hands of the wordcarver. And so, I offer you my carvings, not fashioned from wood, but from ideas and words. I trust you will treat them kindly, for I am but a novice craftsman. In the pages that follow you will find…

  • Essays (thoughts on usually serious subjects).
  • Stories (short, longer, even a novel in progress).
  • Reflections (short prose pieces).
  • Poetry.
  • Silliness (words are fun to play with).

The categories are in the drop-down menu. The carvings are listed by name in the order they were posted–most recent first. There is a cluster of tags, descriptive words or phrases that hint at the content of each piece.  You are welcome to join me on a journey of reflections and recollections; loving and laughing; hoping and dreaming. Now, let’s away…