A New Category: “Danisms”

Like a bolt of lighting it hit me…

Well, maybe it was more of a slight electric shock, but it did nudge me a little.  I’ve been kidded, giggled at and generally made sport of for my inclination to bandy words and play with language. I’m known for pithy (sometimes stupid) little phrases that pop up in my conversation—well, excuse me for living! The thing is, I’m helpless to stop. It’s just so much fun! So, rather than wait for my funeral for all of them to come out, I’ve decided to start a catalog of my “Danisms.” I’ll try to explain them and recall where I first heard them. I won’t try to explain why I remember them or use them…there is no good explanation.

The idea came to me as a young friend of mine at the gym asked the meaning of one of these linguistic oddities. (It had something to do with a pickle seeder. I’ll include it later). Anyhow, I’ve created a new category here among my word-carvings called “Danisms.” For those of you who’ve known me awhile, they’ll undoubtedly sound familiar.

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