How can we say that we are good enough to awaken the admiration of a perfect God? The best we can hope is that we arouse his Mercy, which we are told, He is eager to extend. We are the burning bush that is not consumed. We are the sheep without a shepherd that awakened the compassion of Y’shua as he looked at the masses. It’s foolish to imagine that we can earn anything from God. It is wise to whisper in his presence a petition for mercy. And the great news is that he does not extend mercy reluctantly, but willingly, even eagerly.

cartoon, doodle, sketch

I think of the times that small children, just learning to wield a crayon and paper, bring to me their scribblings. I know this is not Van Gogh or Rembrandt. I  know this is childish effort. It is the best they can do. Wonderful! A child has offered me their very best! Perhaps that’s the way God sees our tiny efforts at being pleasing to him. No matter how hard we try, we are still but children. We honestly don’t know the difference between our scribbling and the perfection of God. Even so, just as our grandparents take those early efforts at art and hang them on their refrigerator, so God takes our feeble attempts at righteousness and turns them into a masterpiece.

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