The Facebook Diet

“Expression is the need of my soul…” *

(Written with TIC –tongue in cheek).

Because expression is the need… I have retreated to the safety of my own blog where I can express myself without the inconvenience and irritation of having to read the comments of those who disagree with me. You see, I’m getting up in years now, so I’ve had time to know my own mind. If you’re still getting to know your mind, then feel free to bandy words on Facebook. As for me, I just like to write.

You’ll notice, then, that in some posts, usually the more controversial ones, I have left no way for you to respond. Why? Well, because this is my blog and my opinion. If I wanted your opinion, I’d give it to you [insert a wink and a smile here—TIC, remember?]. 

That’s why I’m on a Facebook diet. I just don’t like arguments—debate makes my stomach churn. It’s part of being an Enneagram 9 (seriously, look it up). So, on this blog you’ll get my thoughts and opinions, and here’s the best part, you’re not obligated to respond because, often, you can’t. If you don’t like what you read, or agree with what I think, well, just click away shaking your head in disgust. Go to Facebook and express yourself. It’s just that easy.

Somebody told me that if you want people to visit your blog, you need to cultivate your “brand.” In order to do that, they say, you need to encourage dialog. But what if I don’t care if I have a brand? Can’t I just express myself?

Yes. And I intend to.

Hope you’ll visit often…or not.

Shalom! Dan

*About that opening quote. These are the words of Archy, a precocious cockroach created by Don Marquis, journalist, humorist and author (1878-1937). I thought the quote and its source were particularly appropriate.


I’ve been journaling for a long time. I think I have old journals dating back to the early nineties. I have decided to occasionally revisit some of those old thoughts and musings and include them here.

Sometimes, I won’t even go that far back, rather just “think out loud” or perhaps better put, think on paper. At the time of this entry we are all going through a time of profound change and upheaval. It seems appropriate for me to share some of my feelings as we do.

A New Category: “Danisms”

Like a bolt of lighting it hit me…

Well, maybe it was more of a slight electric shock, but it did nudge me a little.  I’ve been kidded, giggled at and generally made sport of for my inclination to bandy words and play with language. I’m known for pithy (sometimes stupid) little phrases that pop up in my conversation—well, excuse me for living! The thing is, I’m helpless to stop. It’s just so much fun! So, rather than wait for my funeral for all of them to come out, I’ve decided to start a catalog of my “Danisms.” I’ll try to explain them and recall where I first heard them. I won’t try to explain why I remember them or use them…there is no good explanation.

The idea came to me as a young friend of mine at the gym asked the meaning of one of these linguistic oddities. (It had something to do with a pickle seeder. I’ll include it later). Anyhow, I’ve created a new category here among my word-carvings called “Danisms.” For those of you who’ve known me awhile, they’ll undoubtedly sound familiar.