Word Carving

Socrates said,

“the unexamined life is not worth living.”

I am not sure he is correct. What I do know, however, is that during a lifetime every human being accumulates experience — boxes in the mind filled with people and places and things that happened. These are thoughts waiting for the hands of the wordcarver. And so, I offer you my carvings, not fashioned from wood, but from ideas and words. I trust you will treat them kindly, for I am but a novice craftsman. In the pages that follow you will find…

  • Essays (thoughts on usually serious subjects).
  • Stories (short, longer, even a novel in progress).
  • Reflections (short prose pieces).
  • Poetry.
  • Silliness (words are fun to play with).

The categories are in the drop-down menu. The carvings are listed by name in the order they were posted–most recent first. There is a cluster of tags, descriptive words or phrases that hint at the content of each piece.  You are welcome to join me on a journey of reflections and recollections; loving and laughing; hoping and dreaming. Now, let’s away…